Removing rsvg-view

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I am preparing the 2.46.0 librsvg release. This will no longer have the rsvg-view-3 program.

History of rsvg-view

Rsvg-view started out as a 71-line C program to aid development of librsvg. It would just render an SVG file to a pixbuf, stick that pixbuf in a GtkImage widget, and show a window with that.

Over time, it slowly acquired most of the command-line options that rsvg-convert supports. And I suppose, as a way of testing the Cairo-ification of librsvg, it also got the ability to print SVG files to a GtkPrintContext. At last count, it was a 784-line C program that is not really the best code in the world.

What makes rsvg-view awkward?

Rsvg-view requires GTK. But GTK requires librsvg, indirectly, through gdk-pixbuf! There is not a hard circular dependency because GTK goes, "gdk-pixbuf, load me this SVG file" without knowing how it will be loaded. In turn, gdk-pixbuf initializes the SVG loader provided by librsvg, and that loader reads/renders the SVG file.

Ideally librsvg would only depend on gdk-pixbuf, so it would be able to provide the SVG loader.

The rsvg-view source code still has a few calls to GTK functions which are now deprecated. The program emits GTK warnings during normal use.

Rsvg-view is... not a very good SVG viewer. It doesn't even start up with the window scaled properly to the SVG's dimensions! If used for quick testing during development, it cannot even aid in viewing the transparent background regions which the SVG does not cover. It just sticks a lousy custom widget inside a GtkScrolledWindow, and does not have the conventional niceties to view images like zooming with the scroll wheel.

EOG is a much better SVG viewer than rsvg-view, and people actually invest effort in making it pleasant to use.

Removal of rsvg-view

So, the next version of librsvg will not provide the rsvg-view-3 binary. Please update your packages accordingly. Distros may be able to move the compilation of librsvg to a more sensible place in the platform stack, now that it doesn't depend on GTK being available.

What can you use instead? Any other image viewer. EOG works fine; there are dozens of other good viewers, too.