These are presentation materials for talks I have given.

Accessibility Update: the Python Stack, Rust, and DBus

2023 - GUADEC (Riga, Latvia)

Pagar la deuda técnica en nuestra infraestructura de accesibilidad

2023 - GNOME-LATAM (Zacatecas, México)

Paying technical debt in our accessibility infrastructure

2022 - GUADEC (Guadalajara, Jalisco, México)

How GNOME supports multiple programming languages: the story of GObject-Introspection

2020 - GNOME Onboard Africa Virtual / GNOME Asia

Cumbre de Contribuidores de Open Source Software

2019 - Guadalajara, México

Patterns of refactoring C to Rust: the case of librsvg

2018 - GUADEC (Almería, Spain)

Replacing C library code with Rust: what I learned with librsvg

2017 - GUADEC (Manchester, United Kingdom)

GPG, SSH, and Identity for Beginners

2014 - GUADEC (Strasbourg, France)

GNOME and the Systems of Free Infrastructure

2012 - GUADEC (A Coruña, Spain)

Software that has the Quality Without A Name

2011 - Desktop Summit (Berlin, Germany)

Cómo reinventar la rueda y crear una economía

2011 - Campus Party (Ciudad de México)

Document-centric GNOME

2008 - GUADEC (Istanbul, Turkey)

Eggs, wine, and sugar: making your application friendly to Sabayon

2007 - GUADEC (Birmingham, United Kingdom)

Profiling desktop applications

2007 - FOSDEM (Belgium, Brussels)

Making GNOME Fast

2005 - GNOME Summit (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA)