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Federico and his dog Mozzarello

I am Federico Mena Quintero. I'm one of the founders of the GNOME project, amateur cyclist, woodworker, cook, cartographer, gardener.

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Federico Mena Quintero (he/him) is one of the founders of the GNOME project, a widely-used, free software, graphical environment mainly for GNU/Linux systems. Federico has worked on many of GNOME's core libraries and applications, like Evolution's calendar and Nautilus, a file manager. Currently he works at SUSE and maintains librsvg, a library to render SVG images. His main interests are traditional woodworking, cooking, vegetable gardening, piano playing, and architecture/urbanism.


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Please mail me if you want to invite me to a conference.

I only speak at conferences that enforce a code of conduct to guarantee the safety of participants. If your conference does not yet have a code of conduct, you can use this example. Please ensure that the conference materials make it clear how to contact the organizers about violations to the code of conduct.

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