Moving to a new blog engine

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In 2003 I wrote an Emacs script to write my blog and produce an RSS feed. Back then, I seemed to write multiple short blog entries in a day rather than longer articles (doing Mastodon before it was cool?). But my blogging patterns have changed. I've been wanting to add some more features to the script: moving to a page-per-post model, support for draft articles, tags, and syntax highlighting for code excerpts...

This is a wheel that I do not find worth reinventing these days. After asking on Mastodon about static site generators (thanks to everyone who replied!), I've decided to give Pelican a try. I've reached the age where "obvious, beautiful documentation" is high on my list of things to look for when shopping for tools, and Pelican's docs are nice from the start.

The old blog is still available in the old location.

If you find broken links, or stuff that doesn't work correctly here, please mail me!