Maintaining bzip2

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Today I had a very pleasant conversation with Julian Seward, of bzip2 and Valgrind fame. Julian has kindly agreed to cede the maintainership of bzip2 to me.

Bzip2 has not had a release since 2010. In the meantime, Linux distros have accumulated a number of bug/security fixes for it. Seemingly every distributor of bzip2 patches its build system. The documentation generation step is a bit creaky. There is no source control repository, nor bug tracker. I hope to fix these things gradually.

This is the new repository for bzip2.

Ways in which you can immediately help by submitting merge requests:

  • Look at the issues; currently they are around auto-generating the version number.

  • Create a basic continuous integration pipeline that at least builds the code and runs the tests.

  • Test the autotools setup, courtesy of Stanislav Brabec, and improve it as you see fit.

The rustification will happen in a separate branch for now, at least until the Autotools setup settles down.

I hope to have a 1.0.7 release soon, but this really needs your help. Let's revive this awesome little project.