Madrid GNOME+Rust Hackfest, part 3 (conclusion)

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The last code I wrote during the hackfest was the start of code generation for GObject interfaces. This is so that you can do

gobject_gen! {
    interface Foo {
        virtual fn frob(&self);

and it will generate the appropriate FooIface like one would expect with the C versions of interfaces.

It turns out that this can share a lot of code from the existing code generator for classes: both classes and interfaces are "just virtual method tables", plus signals and properties, and classes can actually have per-instance fields and such. I started refactoring the code generator to allow this.

I also took a second look at how to present good error messages when the syn crate encounters a parse error. I need to sit down at home and experiment with this carefully.

Back home

I'm back home now, jetlagged but very happy that gnome-class is in a much more advanced a state than it was before the hackfest. I'm very thankful that practically everyone worked on it!

Also, thanks to Alberto and Natalia for hosting me at their apartment and showing me around Madrid, all while wrangling their adorable baby Mario. We had a lovely time on Saturday, and ate excellent food downtown.

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