Looking for candidates for the 2020 GNOME Foundation elections

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I forgot to write this a few days ago; I hope it is not too late.

The GNOME Foundation's elections for the Board are coming up, and we are looking for candidates. Of the 7 directors, we are replacing 4, and the 3 remaining positions remain for another year. You could be one of those four.

I would like it very much if there were candidates and directors that fall outside the box of "white male programmer"; it is unfortunate that for the current Board we ended up with all dudes. GNOME has a Code of Conduct to make it a good place to be.

Allan Day wrote a review of the Board's activies for the last year. We are moving from a model where the Board does a little bit of everything, to one with a more strategic role — now that the Foundation has full-time employees, they take care of most of the executive work.

The call-for-candidates is open until May 29, so hurry up!