Librsvg is accepting interns for Outreachy's December 2020 round

Translations: es - Tags: librsvg, mentoring

There are two projects in librsvg available for Outreachy applicants in the December 2020 / March 2021 round:

  • Revamp the text engine - Do you know about international text layout? Can you read a right-to-left language, or do you write in a language that requires complex shaping? Would you like to implement the SVG 2 text specification in a pleasant Rust code base? This project requires someone who can write Rust comfortably; it will require reading and refactoring some existing code. You don't need to be an expert in exotic lifetimes and trait bounds and such; the code doesn't use them.

  • Implement SVG2/CSS3 features - Are you excited by all the SVG2 features in Inkscape, and would like to add support for them in librsvg? Would you like to do small changes to many parts of the code to implement small features, one at a time? Do you like test-driven development? This project requires someone who can write Rust code at a medium level; you'll learn a lot by cutting&pasting from existing code and refactoring things to implement SVG2 features.

Important: Outreachy's December 2020 / March 2021 round is available only for students in the Southern hemisphere. People in the Northern hemisphere can wait until the 2021 mid-year round.

You can see GNOME's projects in Outreachy for this round. The deadline for initial contributions and project applications is October 31, 2020 at 16:00 UTC.