Bzip2 repository reconstructed

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I have just done a git push --force-with-lease to bzip2's master branch, which means that if you had a previous clone of this repository, you'll have to re-fetch it and rebase any changes you may have on top.

I apologize for the inconvenience!

But I have a good excuse: Julian Seward pointed me to a repository at sourceware where Mark Wielaard reconstructed a commit history for bzip2, based on the historical tarballs starting from bzip2-0.1. Bzip2 was never maintained under revision control, so the reconstructed repository should be used mostly for historical reference (go look for bzip2.exe in the initial commit!).

I have rebased all the post-1.0.6 commits on top of Mark's repository; this is what is in the master branch now.

There is a new rustify branch as well, based on master, which is where I will do the gradual port to Rust.

I foresee no other force-pushes to the master branch in the future. Apologies again if this disrupts your workflow.

Update: Someone did another reconstruction. If they weave the histories together, I'll do another force-push, the very last one, I promise. If you send merge requests, I'll rebase them myself if that happens.