1. Librsvg is available from crates.io now

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    Since last Friday, librsvg is available from crates.io. You can add this line to your dependencies in Cargo.toml:

    librsvg = "2.57.0-beta.2"

    I am nailing down the release process for this, but my intention is that starting with GNOME 45 / librsvg-2.57.0, the Rust crate will be in sync with the GNOME release schedule: a stable minor release every six months, and micro releases regularly and as needed.

    For now, these releases are equivalent and contain the same code:

    • 2.56.92 (the usual tarball, beta release before GNOME 45)
    • 2.57.0-beta.2 (release for crates.io)

    Both git tags exist in gitlab.gnome.org's repository and point to the same commit.

    While GNOME uses .9x micro version numbers to identify alpha or beta releases, Rust uses Semantic Versioning, which allows for the -beta.2 suffixes. I'll keep the corresponding schemes and add both git tags to the release commits.

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